Tuscan Home Decor For Every Room in Your Home

Tuscan home decor can bring a rich and unique decorating style to any home, regardless of size or room preference. Based on your budget and decorating needs, you can incorporate Tuscan decor elements in your bedroom, living room or even kitchen. It is easy to bring the lush Tuscan style to your home by employing stylistic elements, earth tones and other traditional Tuscan decor elements throughout your chosen space.

Living Room

If you are seeking to redecorate your living room in a traditional Tuscan style, be sure to include warm earth tones, gold hardware elements and decorative items in the same style. For example, ceramic and copper vases/tableware is a wonderful way to infuse your living room decor with luxurious and traditional Tuscan home decor elements. A copper or ceramic pitcher/vase is an epitome of Tuscan life and can be further beautified with intricate paintings or traditional carvings. Place in a prime viewing spot or throughout your living room to create unique visual landing points and a wonderful Tuscan decor.

Other good accessory options for decorating your living room in this style include large wall clocks, antique processed picture frames, wall plaques or wine holders. A stylized iron or copper wine holder adds an authentic element to your living room, as well as proudly displays your wine collection!


Your kitchen is another wonderful (but sometimes overlooked) place to decorate in a Tuscan style. After all, one of Tuscany’s most well-known and well loved features is its world renowned food and wine, so it is fitting to create an Italian decor in your kitchen. Consider some iron/copper serving trays to use or display in your kitchen. A pot rack can also be a functional and beautiful piece of hardware for your kitchen as it creates a traditional feeling of family, cooking and Italy…while adding to your storage and display space!

The colorful and vibrant nature of Tuscan home decor calls for the right dinnerware. Whether for everyday or special occasion use, Tuscan themed dinnerware features warm tones such as reds, golds, yellows as well as vibrant painted artwork on each piece of tableware. Choose your dinnerware with your personal taste in mind, and enjoy a short trip to Italy with each plate!


Bedroom Tuscan decor can be created by employing draperies in earthy colors such as rich brown, red, gold, copper and yellow to embody the landscape and warmth of Italy. Afterwards, you may place decorative elements such as rustic or burnished picture frames, metal wall art or traditional sculptures throughout the room to bring the look together.

Be sure to weave in your own personal preferences and tastes when decorating the chosen room in your home. Employ rich Tuscan tones throughout, take advantage of metal-based, wood and ceramic decorative items and remember that Tuscan home decor can be achieved on any budget.

Damask Home Decor – Decorating Your Bedroom With Damask

Damask has recently experienced a resurgence in its popularity as a decorating material. Damask is available in a wide variety of patterns and colors; however, floral designs and geometric patterns are the most commonly seen designs in this fabric. For the 2010 season, black and white damask has been featured in garments on the runway, as well as in home decorating magazines and trade shows. Damask is a timeless fabric, and it is quite versatile in the manners in which it can be used.

There is quite a selection of colors for a consumer to choose from when it comes to decorating a bedroom with damask. Damask does not have to be the primary, featured fabric of a room. Accents of damask throughout a room, such as in the upholstery of a chair or a pillow. The only limits to decorating a bedroom with damask will be a person’s budget and their creativity level. The first step to decorating a bedroom will be to choose the color scheme for the room. For example, for a young, vibrant feel to a room, an individual might want to try using black and white damask with accents of hot pink.

The next step to decorating a bedroom with damask will be to choose how the individual wants the damask placed within a room. Will the damask be featured prominently, as in bed coverings or drapes? Will the damask be used an accessory to the overall scheme of the room, as in lamp shades or pillows? If damask is to be featured prominently in a room, then an individual should ascertain what types of accents they would like to use in the room. Because of the luxurious feel that damask invokes, lace, feathers, and fur are common accent pieces. However, a person should be careful not to overboard with these types of materials.

Subtlety is key in order to create a stylish bedroom rather than one that looks like a boudoir. In addition to hot pink, aqua blue, green apple, and shades of gray are common accent colors for damask. For a more elegant feel to a bedroom, an individual may choose a type of damask that depicts a floral pattern or patterns of simple scenes. These types of damask typically require more demure accent colors. Because damask is such a versatile type of fabric, there is truly no limit to what can be accomplished when it comes to decorating a bedroom.