Selfish Pleasures in Home Decor

A lot of times when talking with friends or loved ones, they will express how their life is going. People seem to have very full lives with a lot to do and not a lot of time to do it all in. Weekends and holidays are way too short and vacations do not come soon enough. The pace of life becomes a comfortable type of ‘stress’ with minimal if any, room for ‘me’ time. After being stretched in so many directions from job, family, and personal obligations-it would be great at the end of another long day to enjoy the opportunity to relax-other than just when your head hits the pillow at bedtime.

You can create your own tranquil sanctuary with a few simple tips and ideas. A happy renewed soul is good for you when have an environment that is beautiful and uplifting. Some people have a favorite comfortable sofa, chair, or chaise where they can just lay back and unwind from the day. You can carve a special place in your bedroom, living room or family room that is conducive to getting re-charged. Make the bedroom more sumptuous by using comforting bedding, soothing colors and lighting on dimmers to set the mood. Intensify your senses by adding soft candlelight, soothing music and billowing fabrics on the windows and in bedding. For further indulgence, surround yourself with beautiful pieces of artwork on the walls and some flowers, books, and a carafe set on nightstands. Be the guest you would welcome in to your home and enjoy some self-hospitality at home everyday.

In the bathroom, you will want to have soft, luxurious towels and a spa basket filled the type of goodies that make you happy–such as bath salts, bubble bath and scented soaps. Decorate the tub area with scented candles, luscious green ferns and a bath pillow to lay your head on for a long-awaited warm soak. In the living room or family room, make sure you have soft throw pillows, soft lighting and an uncluttered, unobtrusive furniture arrangement, use soothing colors in your decor scheme such as neutral taupe, relaxing green tones or warm caramel brown tones.

It is the little things that count when you put yourself first. You deserve a calming, peaceful and welcoming sense of pleasure in your home decor. Sometimes we all need to enjoy the good life; eating good meals, spending time with family and friends and finding one spot in your home where it’s perfectly okay to be selfish.

Home Decor – Decorative Pillows

It is not only girls nowadays that like fancy decorated pillows on their beds. You will find that many men and women have swayed to this way of thinking lately.

Just because the pillow that you have on your bed is fancily decorated does not mean that it is any less comfortable than the original type of pillows that you use to have.

You do not need to go out and buy the most expensive needlepoint pillow that money can buy to be able to get a good sleep. All you need is something that matches your existing bedroom furniture and feels nice and comfortable to the touch.

Of course it is important for them to be comfortable in order for you to get a good night sleep. But that is no reason for you not to look at the aesthetic appearance that they may have. It is the same principal as buying decorative cushions for you living room.

Obviously if you use some sort of form type pillow in the bedroom for your neck for example then nobody would expect this to be made in a fancy decorated style.

These types of pillows are made with the sole purpose of your health in mind. Health is far more important than how your bedroom looks at the end of the day.

Some people have been led to believe that you cannot get both comfort and style in a bedroom pillow. How wrong they are and to prove this you just need to look at any fancy hotel room in the country.

Whenever you enter one of the fancy hotel bedrooms you are always greeted with fancy decorative bedroom pillows. They never stop the guests from getting a good sleep. If they did then the hotel would go out of business. So let’s learn a valuable lesson from these hotels and realize that you can have both comfort and style with pillows in the bedroom.