Home Decorating Themes – Focus on the Mood

How do you choose a home decorating theme that you know you are going to be able to live with over the next few years? You could go for ultra-modern throughout your whole house, or totally traditional. You could aim for the cottagey look, or the Italian villa theme, go for the Greek farmhouse or the Spanish hacienda – come to that, you might just want to focus on one style per room and, as I have, choose an ultra-modern look for your kitchen, a cosy comfortable bathroom where you can hide away and feel cosseted, am elegant lounge area and a lived-in family room where the dogs feel comfortable lying on the settee, with a cat draped across the back of a chair.

Even my bedrooms have different themes: I have one spare room which is very feminine and warm, with a sumptuous feel to it. This room is in shades of red, ivory and matt pearl grey. It feels expensive just walking in but, in fact, the ‘look’ cost me not quite $200.00 in total, including the carpet. The master bedroom is neat, with less what I call ‘frippery’. This room is based on shades of blue, with the actual focal point being the handmade silk blinds which are a deep royal blue and three of the walls are eggshell blue. The wall behind my bed is a much deeper blue, in french-navy and the fabrics are french-navy and white, with a deep pile dark blue carpet.

My third bedroom I use as an office, although there is a fold-up bed in there if I need to put somebody up. This room is purely a functional room and I have deliberately kept this room bright. It is at the back of the house and doesn’t get an awful lot of natural light so, to make up for this, I have decorated this room in sunshine yellow: the walls are a bright canary yellow and the curtains in here are an equally deep shade of yellow but with tiny flowers all over.

The blinds in here are an ivory colour and the carpet on the floor a deep beige. My hall is only small, quite a narrow hall really and, to keep this light, I have decorated it in Wedgewood blue and white, with classic mouldings and cornices in white. I have hardwood floors throughout the downstairs, including the hallway, as I find it is easier to keep clean and always looks nice.

That’s my little house – I haven’t gone for way-out anything because I wouldn’t be able to live with it after a few months. I have taken each room individually and focused on the individual characteristics of each room, then developed an appropriate theme around the feel of each room. Rather than have my rooms accommodating my decorating themes, I have attempted to address my decorating themes to each room’s individuality and develop my theme accordingly.

I seem to have got it right for my home because, whenever I walk into a room, I feel exactly how I intended to feel when I decorated it. I wanted to feel cosseted in my bathroom and for my kitchen to feel bright, clean and spacious, for my hallway to feel neutral and for my pets to feel comfortable in my family room. An overall decorating theme, I believe, should be appropriate for your own family’s personalities and each theme should be adapted accordingly.

Turn Your Home Into a Piece of Art: Best Home Decor Tricks for Your Home to Make It a Dream Home!

We as humans have always loved arrangement and decoration – be it anything. Be it building or interiors of homes, we have always loved to give the whole thing an orderly look and an intended beauty feature. This ‘grooming’ nature of us also shows in the way we dress and present ourselves – the sense of fashion, to be appropriate. Home decoration is no different from decorating ourselves; only that we can bask in the glory of our decoration work for some years to come. And depending on the financial limitations of an individual, home décor can be changed as and when one wants to!

• The Importance of Colors: Life without colors would be boring. Thankfully there is something more than just shades of black and white. We have always strived to introduce color even in our art and perhaps that is why we quickly moved on to color motion pictures and still photography! In home décor too, colors play a very important role. Depending on the natural and artificial lighting to be allowed in a place, a color can actually enhance the whole effect or mar it!

• Shades: Again this being a part of colors, home décor is entirely dependent on colors. Based on the type of furniture you have and house layout, one can choose the color shade of their choice. For example, bed rooms need not have darker shades or garish overtones of bright colors because typically the bedroom is a place where we would rest and sleep. And anything disturbing that would not be acceptable!

• Proper Lighting: The amount of natural light that enters your home often plays a detrimental role in the whole décor. For example, if your living room gets much natural light, you can go for some darker shades that will only look enhanced in natural light.

• The Right Furniture: This is one of the important parts of decorating a home. More often than not, we fail to see how the right furniture design would determine the whole décor. If you have heavy, traditional furniture – you should go in for a larger living space and colors with heavy, rich overtones. That should give you a feel of royalty. Modern home designs can opt for the minimalist look with such mod-furniture.

• A part of the Bigger Picture: How about having a piece of nature in your house? Plants, flowers and small shrubs are the only home décor items that look good on any type of home design – be it ethnic or modern!

• Must Have Home Décor Accessories: Lights, furniture, flooring, wood paneling, books and gadgets – all are part of a good home décor. The key is to place then in the right place so that nothing looks out of place and neither is anything messy. For the record, the living room could do better than looking just like a bachelor’s bedroom!